The ABCs of
Data Science

For future Data Scientists by current Data Scientists

H is for Histogram

Data Science is one of the greatest fields in the world and makes our lives much better everyday. What if you had some Data Scientists take some of the most common terms and explain it to you like you were five? Look no further, the ABCs of Data Science does just this, for you and your children!

By Data Scientists for Future Data Scientists

Children will love the illustrations and the hilarious team of scientists, engineers and managers at the offfice. Get everyone in your family and friend circle an introduction to the world of Data Science with your favorite Data Science Dolphin and follow her on a fun and vivid adventure.

Meet the Data Team

Data Science Dolphin leads the way to take you through all the Data Science that she has been doing, working hard with Analyst Armadillo and Z-Score Zebra. Elephant Engineer sets up and walks you through some tools in the book. Consultant Cat and PM Panther round off the all star team at the office.

What’s Inside

Learn how to be right every single time!

But what does this “data” really mean?

Thinking different is not always bad, rise and shine!

How do Data Scientists predict the future?

Build your algorithm today.


Is this for real?

Yes, it is an actual book that you can have in your hands now. Check it out on amazon!

What do Data Scientists do?

Data Scientists work with data and use lots of math and computers to make predictions about the future. Still confused? See for yourself what their day to day looks like in the book!

How will my children and family understand this?

Don’t worry. We explain all terms in easy to follow, simple language and the funny illustrations make the book especially engaging for kids.

Will my child become a successful Data Scientist as a result of this book?

Yes. Of course! Starting early is the key. She/he will learn about important concepts such as accuracy and machine learning to get computers to do his/her school work.

Will this help me in pursuing a job in Data Science?

Well, you might have to read a couple of books and pick up some skills on the side but this will definitely get you second guessing your current job ;).

About Us

Rikin Mathur

Rikin Mathur is a Data Scientist at Komodo Health. He studied Electrical Engineering with a M.S from Columbia and B.S from University of Pittsburgh. But most of the data science he picked up was through his projects outside of school and at work. He has a lot of friends and family that are always confused about what he actually does. Since he likes to write, he is hoping that everyone can get an introduction to Data Science and finally understand a little bit of what they do.

A special thank you! to everyone who reviewed versions of this book and tested it on their kids 🙂

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The ABCs of
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